2013 Events
Oct 27
I will be appearing on The Book Report with Elaine Charles on October 27, 2013 -- The Halloween Show. She asked in-depth questions about the book, the Waking Dream and the philosophy behind the series. You can tune in on the radio, iHeartRadio or catch the podcast of the show.

All questions surround the series and the fate of our reality will be answered! Tune in and listen!
Sep 22
Waking Dream: Devlin Book I was released in paperback and eBook format. Available immediately through Amazon.com.
Jun 06
I was interviewed by Victoria Craven at The Autodidact in the Attic. Here is a brief excerpt from our interview:
If you’re beginning to despair over the vampire romances clogging the shelves of your local book shop and would like nothing more than to read something a bit more challenging; a series to lose yourself in, say, then hold onto your knickers, because there’s a new dark fantasy series set to kick off in September called the Waking Dream.