Radio Inteview on Book Report Radio
I will be appearing on The Book Report with Elaine Charles on October 27, 2013 -- The Halloween Show. She asked in-depth questions about the book, the Waking Dream and the philosophy behind the series. You can tune in on the radio, iHeartRadio or catch the podcast of the show.

All questions surround the series and the fate of our reality will be answered! Tune in and listen!
Waking Dream: Devlin Now Available!
DevlinGreetings Dreamers!

The day has finally come! Waking Dream: Devlin is now available for order on Amazon and Barnes and Noble! Ordering today ensures that you will have your copy by Monday and you can start to explore the Waking Dream Universe! There are already six 5 star reviews for the book.

For more information about the Waking Dream Universe visit http://WakingDreamOnline.Com

Here are the product links and prices in US Dollars, but the book is available globally in English: Read it, review it, critique it. Waking Dream: The Unkindness Book II will be molded by your feedback.

I want to thank you all for your continued support getting this book out the door! There are a few people I'd like to thank specifically for their in the weeds help: And finally, I want to thank all of the Dreamers in the world for not giving up. Together we can change the world and bring peace, once and for all.
Review by Grimnian Promotions
Are you awakened yet to your own ability? Are you a walking Sleeper? Or a controlling disruptive entity? Reading “Devlin” which is the first of Michael Hibbard’s Transformation Trilogy in the Waking Dream series, you identify with Jonathan Weir who intends to awaken others from the darkness, by encouraging their own weirdness to grow.

He warns and helps the other Dreamers and awakens the Sleepers to be more prepared for Gabryal’s nightmares to come.

If you like reading about the Paranormal then “Devlin” is a must read and you will deepen your knowledge of the power of weird itself.

Become a Dreamer, embrace your weirdness to break free from a world of sleepers & peer into the truth of your own Waking Dream as I have with this unique author, Michael Hibbard.

Join Jonathan now and Devlin town on their journey to solving the mystery - Thérèse Wood of Grimnian Promotions
Waking Dream: Devlin Book I 9.22.13!
Waking Dream: Devlin Book I is scheduled for release in September 22nd, 2013 from Phantasm Books and Assent Publishing!

Devlin is the first book in this nine novel series that explores the spiritual, philosophical, and scientific possibilities of the universe as a Waking Dream, and those who changed the course of human reality with their will. Set in present day, the story begins in a strange town, hidden in the mountains of Virginia, where the battle for the control of reality has begun. Over the centuries, people known as Dreamers and Immortals learned how to change the dream by tapping into the primordial force known as the Weird – the energy responsible for the creation of the physical world. Follow Auber Weir and the Dreamers of Devlin as they uncover a plot by one of the five Prime Immortals to seize control of the Waking Dream and alter the face of reality.

By the end of the book, one is left to wondered if they are a Dreamer, an Immortal, or a merely a Sleeper. This is a fantasy/reality twist at its best.

The Waking Dream series is a dark urban fantasy series, set in the modern day with aspects of horror, apocalypse, magic and mystery. 

Devlin will retail for $15.95 on Amazon and in select book stores. It is also available be on all eBook platforms for $7.99

An Excerpt is available at The Crier at Twilight which is set in Chester, Va, my hometown.