Michael Hibbard Michael Hibbard (1970 - ) is originally from New Jersey and he has lived all over the United States, Canada and Germany. He studied at DeSales University in Allentown, Pennsylvania, majoring in English Literature and Theology. For many years, he has studied the major world religion, philosophical disciplines and various branches of physics in a quest to understand the nature of the universe from one unified philosophy -- which became the impetus for developing the Waking Dream Universe.

Michael was born in Woodbury, New Jersey. He has lived in the Richmond, Virginia area since 1995 – currently residing in the quaint town of Chester. Many of the locations in his novels and stories are locations that he has lived that made an impact on himself as a person. He has visited 37 states, and several countries in Europe, further expanding the breadth of his writing.

Though he works in a highly technical job, Michael manages to find time to illustrate, write poetry and play music. He is a perpetual student who, in his spare time, reads a wide variety of books in the areas of physics, philosophy, music, paranormal, medicine, cosmology, philosophy, literature and world religions – squeezing in enough time to play his Xbox games, or play Minecraft.

The Waking Dream is the culmination of fifteen years of research, studies and collaboration with his son Kyle, in an attempt to describe the ill-understood aspects of our existence, exploring how we as conscious creatures mold the fabric of reality. He has taken so long to publish because the storyline spans thousands of years of history, and explores the centuries of years to come. It is more than just a story, it is an attempt to Awaken the Dreamer within us all, and bring our world to a new way of thinking.

Many of the concepts presented in the Waking Dream series and its ancillary tales, are rooted in his own personal belief system. Rather than write them as non-fiction, he has chosen to weave a tale about a world in peril, attempting to bring hard social issues to the forefront, so that we can achieve the greatness as one race, one people, and a world united.

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